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"Pro-Risk" is with you. Always.  You will find us at each stage to support you in achieving your Goals and Targets. 

Be it any type of Risk Management Service or an Operations Support Service (Case Preparation Services, Medical & Financial Documentation Interpretations etc.),  or Underwriting or Reinsurance or Claims or Technical Audits or Medical Networking or Outsourcing of Customer Support Services (Video KYC, Requirements collection, Medical Tests, Underwriting or Claims Documentation etc.) you will find "Pro-Risk" to support you there. No wonder we are growing as India's leading Risk Management cum Support Services cum Audit Company in the Insurance Industry.  

"Pro-Risk" is a theme, a culture, a virtue and a value, founded by Shraddha & Ganesh Iyer, which Pro-Risk Consultancy Services & Iyer’s Pro-Risk Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. operate upon.

After all, best organisations are always built on values and culture.



"Pro-Risk" is pro-actively there for you with best solutions

“Pro-Risk” is about "Pro-actively" providing Best Solutions ensuring "Substance over Form" under One Roof

With experience in various functions of the industry and tie-ups with various Service Providers in the ITES & Analytics domains, we serve all our clients as a "One-Stop Solution" for all Underwriting & Claims related processes

Pro-Risk Corporate Video

Pro-Risk Corporate Video

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Pro-Risk and not Risk Averse

"Pro-Risk" means being more Risk-Pro and not Risk-Averse.  We understand the balance 


We see What is Right and not just try to point out What is Wrong

Being Pro-active and Professional in its services, advices, solutions and implementation, while always keeping Business Propriety in mind

Pro-Risk Logo Video

Pro-Risk Logo Video

Ticker Tv: Exploring Insurance - Ganesh Iyer reveals the secret of Claims Settlement Ratios
Ticker TV

Ticker Tv: Exploring Insurance - Ganesh Iyer reveals the secret of Claims Settlement Ratios

Exploring Insurance - Ganesh Iyer, Pro-Risk CEO, explains how to ensure logical Claims Comparison. Secret of published claims statistics revealed. Claims Settlement Ratio is critical but not the only parameter for decision making. If the Numerator and the Denominator are not logically comparable, any statistical ratio can give you misleading decision parameter. So first understand the relationship between the numerator and the denominator before using any statistical ratio. Ganesh reveals how LIC’s very high Claims Settlement Ratio cannot be considered to be the right decision making parameter. If a company is into existence for a long tenure, it will always have a beneficial claims settlement ratio under the current published statistics. Insurers normally don’t repudiate claims beyond 3 years. So always insist on claims repudiation ratio of last 3 years claims intimated out of current 3 yeas business only to get the correct image of the insurer’s ratios. Claims Settlement Ratio is a very critical parameter, but not the only criteria But don’t go by Claims Settlement Ratio in isolation Claims Settlement Ratio should be understood properly Insurance Companies exist only for Claims Payouts to its genuine customers Published Claims Settlement Ratios do not give the correct picture Please interpret the published Claims Settlement Ratios properly Ensure proper comparisons, don’t compare Oranges with Apples Do not worry about Claims Rejections and Repudiations by Insurers Claims Rejections and Repudiations are due to valid reasons Proper Claims Rejections and Repudiations ensure that honest policyholders do not pay for bad claims Insurers do not go on a witch hunt to repudiate claims If you have made all proper disclosures, your claim will not be repudiated Normally insurers do not repudiate claims arising out of old existing policies As per Section 45, Insurers cannot ideally repudiate claims beyond 3 years Companies existing for longer durations, will always show very good claims settlement ratios In order to have a proper and a logical comparison, consider only 3 years data 3 year comparison will take away leverage of old existence of insurers Ratios are just Numerators to Denominators Numerator and Denominator without logical comparable parameters, will always give misleading ratios You can also visit us at: https://goo.gl/1Y1mz Like us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/pr3baZ Follow us on Twitter: https://goo.gl/4fBCHQ Subscribe to our YOUTUBE Channels: Ticker TV:https://goo.gl/37nmnS
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