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"Pro-Risk" is with you at every stage to support you professionally & pro-actively to improve your efficiencies and to give you assurance on your risk management & process compliance.

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Improve Your Operational Efficiencies

  • Underwriting Support Services (Assessment & QC Support)

  • Claims Assessment Support Services

  • Customer Requirements Support Services over a Digital Platform (Video KYC, Video MER, Life Certificate over video, GPS Location Confirmation, Rate up Consent on Video, Direct & Secured Document Collection (New Business, UW, Policy Servicing & Claims)

  • Pre-Issuance / Post-Issuance Video Investigation

  • We can also provide complete Litigation Support by assisting you with case preparation for lawyers for litigation cases.  We also have lawyers on our panel. 


Now that you know what all we can do, what would you like to know more?

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