Benefits to Clients

Pro-Risk can provide value added business solutions, which would be practical and pragmatic and also assist the Companies in its implementation.

Pro-Risk, through its advisory services and solutions, have added lot of value to its clients.  To name a few :

  • Brought out operational efficiencies through its detailed study and review.
  • Brought out underwriting capacity issues and structural problems and helped the companies re-design the same with more efficiency.
  • Brought out critical mortality risk issues in the business, because of non-congruent underwriting and claims experience and business practices.
  • Creating a scientific customer data leads out of a cold calling database to assist the life insurance distribution team.
  • Helped Companies rework on specific product underwriting guidelines based on statistical and analytical reviews and business analytics.
  • Defining a wholistic Life Cycle Risk Management approach in Life Insurance Operations with control processes.
  • Helped Companies with some logical UW STP parameters by pointing out business gaps and existing underwriting guidelines.
  • Helped Companies with major process lapses that can lead to huge monetary losses.
  • Helped Companies with technical review of their Underwriting Decisions – classifying their underwriting decisions in Low / Medium / High Risks w.r.t. their conservative or aggressive approach: a unique offering in the industry.
  • Designed a Balanced Underwriting Policy.
  • Assisted IT Companies with insurance domain expertise and value added product offerings to its clients.

Review Philosophy & Values

  • Board Approved Policy Review
  • Provide right advice and control systems and assist in designing processes & policies
  • Assess the Business Quality, Underwriting & Claims Management
  • Check the Substance over Form in respect of Expected v/s Actual Results

Risk Management

  • Review UW Decision Logic & Processes
  • Review Claims Decision Logic & Processes
  • Review  the Risk Control Unit’s modus operandi
  • Review the ERM Processes and Practices
  • Map all the processes and arrive at a proper Comprehensive Risk Management Structure of the Company.
  • Provide Special Consulting Support in Technical Underwriting & Claims Decision Making Process (Strategic only)
  • Provide special technical support for complex Underwriting & Claims cases.
  • Analytical Review Exercise to assist in generating logical analytical reports, interpreting the same and implementing right solutions based on the outcomes.

Balancing Business & Risk

  • How can Risk Management support Business further?
  • Claims mapping to Underwriting & Business and taking necessary risk control steps.
  • Support the Analytics team to enhance risk management and to increase business.

Startup – Transformation

  • Help Start Up Companies in designing right set of policies, processes and controls.
  • Assist in Transformational Processes.
  • Provide right advice by checking best practices in the industry.

Safeguard Your Organisation With Pro-Risk Formula

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