Our Services

1) Shall be with you to see you Grow

  • Business Planning & Strategy
  • Creating a Vision & Mission Philosophy
  • Strategic Business Solutions

2) Ensure that your goals are being pursued in the right manner

  • Organisational Goals Alignment
  • Product Development Solutions (Insurance and related)
  • Technology Solutions
  • Risk Management Solutions

3) Shall not just report issues, but assist in implementation of best practices

  • Operational Efficiency Solutions
  • Management Assurance
  • Propriety Reviews
  • Industry Benchmarking Solutions
  • Controls & Process Designing
  • Cyber Frauds Controls Set Up

4) Shall confirm whether your processes are being followed in Spirit and not just on paper.

  • Strategic Underwriting Management, including Training
  • Strategic Claims Management, including Training
  • Technical Reviews of Underwriting Controls
  • Technical Reviews of Claims Controls
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Solutions
  • Financial Crime Investigation
  • Cyber Frauds Investigation
  • Wellness Solutions
  • Trainings and Education in Insurance & Risk

What We Do?

  • Keep Organisational Goals and Business Perspectives in forefront.
  • Look at the actual operational efficiency.
  • Look into the genuineness and spirit of processes, compliance and transactions.
  • Actually go into the wisdom, faithfulness and the economic benefit of projects undertaken / expenses incurred. 

What We Don’t Do?

  • Normal Audits.
  • Fault Finding exercise with importance only to no. of issues (observations) pointed out.
  • Give Global Theories and Advices.
  • Conduct Normal Control / Compliance Checks

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