Pioneering Industry Cause:

  • Founder President of Association of Insurance Claims Management of India [AiCM].
  • Founder Member and former President of Association of Insurance Underwriters of India [AIU].
  • Founder Executive Committee Member of Association of International Committee for Insurance Medicine, India [ICLAM].
  • Life Insurance Expert Advisor to the Risk Management Association of India (RMAI).
  • Prominent personality in the insurance industry, whose views have been consistently appearing in the print and social media.
  • Known Industry Expert in the domain of Frauds & Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Solution Orientation.

Ploughing Back Rich Experience:

  • He is arguably the only Chartered Accountant in the country with such hands-on and technical Life Insurance Experience of Operations, Underwriting, Claims & Risk Management apart from normal processes, projects, analytics & audit experience alongwith Business & Sales Strategy experience.
  • He was a Senior Vice President of Kotak Life Insurance, heading Customer Value Management, Business Analytics, Underwriting, Claims & Rural Business & Protection Strategy. During his long stint of 16 + years in Kotak Life Insurance, Ganesh has headed various portfolios like Process Assurance, Audits and Enterprise Risk Management, Management of Frauds & Risk Controls including field investigations & forensic cases, Projects Management & Operations Excellence and Business Information Security.
  • Prior to Kotak Life, Ganesh has extensive experience in various domains in around 10 other industries / sectors.
  • With rich industry experience behind him, he quit his corporate service in June 2017 and started “Pro-Risk”.
  • He is now a strategic Business / Risk Advisor to a few Life Insurance, IT, ITES & Analytics Companies in India, Singapore and Bangladesh.
  • Known Industry Expert in the domain of Frauds & Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Solution Orientation.

Giving Back to the Alma Mater (Contributing to Continuous Education & Future):

  • Ganesh is associated with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India as Life Insurance Expert.
  • Ganesh works closely with Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTEC) towards insurance education and corporate placements for students.
  • Ganesh is invited by various educational institutions as an insurance expert to share his experience and contribute towards better insurance education.
  • He is Resident Editor of The Insurance Times Magazine.
  • Has released videos for explaining insurance and insurance products to common man in the most simple manner possible with an apt title “Exploring Insurance”.

Brilliant in Academics:

  • Shraddha has been a studious and an academically smart person all along her career.
  • At a very young age, she became a Chartered Accountant and could grasp the internal controls and audit areas in the initial part of her career.
  • Has received various awards like Best Performance Awards, regular Most Outstanding Performer of the Quarter Awards during her work days in the CA field as well as corporate careers. That apart, she has also received special prizes for Languages. She even cleared Level 4 of Japanese Language examination conducted by the Japan Foundation and the The Association of International Education, Japan.

Expertise in Process, Controls, Audits and Consulting:

  • At a very young age, Shraddha gained great experience and expertise in managing internal audits, process and control related assignments and managing special consulting assignments of various organisations.
  • She gained tremendous experience in process and internal controls assignments, inspections, internal audits and consulting assignments of various Public Sector and Private Banks, Government Organisations, Hospitality industry, Food industry, Engineering, Infrastructure & Real Estate Development companies, Manufacturers and NBFCs among others.

Moving to the Main stream Financing & Banking:

  • With good experience in processes, controls and audits, Shraddha switched over to main stream financing functions of Publication House, International Call Centre Company like Epicentre and Big Hospitality Company like Narang’s Hospitality before finally moving over to ICICI Bank.
  • In these roles, she mastered in the areas of Bank Back Office, MIS, Reporting, Setting up of control systems, IT projects, major regulatory reconciliations, Finance processes at a national level, Training, Accounting Controls, managing Non-Performing Assets, Car Loans Division, managing projects on SAP systems, SOX Documentation etc.
  • With a rich experience of serving ICICI Bank for over 7 years in various Retail Assets Operations portfolios, she moved out to pursue other challenges. She handled Books of Account and P&L comparisons for Canadian clients.

Managing People, Holidays & Client Relationships:

  • Shraddha moved on to become a Holiday Management Consultant for domestic and international locations at India’s pioneer Travel House Make My Trip.
  • With an experience of handling a 70 member team at ICICI Bank, Shraddha now started assisting a Hyderabad based HR organisation in placement management.
  • Now she is managing the entire back office and client relations of Pro-Risk Consultancy Services and is a non-Executive Director of Iyer’s Pro-Risk Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Safeguard Your Organisation With Pro-Risk Formula

The Pro-Risk Team:

Apart from various associates and consultants, Pro-Risk Core Team consists mainly of 3 Chartered Accountants and a Doctor, each one with a minimum corporate experience of atleast 10 years.  The Pro-Risk Team has a strong technical experience totalling to over 60 years in the fields of Finance, Operations, Budgeting, MIS, Underwriting & Claims in Insurance, Hospital Management, Banking and Manufacturing set ups.  As a team, Pro-Risk has an overall expertise of various industries and sectors in the country as shown in diagram.

“Diagram just a representation of sectors and is not to scale with experience”