Our Achievements

Ganesh Iyer, founder of “Pro-Risk” has been a face of the industry in various core industry aspects and instrumental in many industry level projects. He got all the insurers, Ombudsmen, Judiciaries, Life Council, IIB and IRDA under one roof for coming to a consensus on Section 45 interpretation.

He has pioneered some industry level forums as a Founder Member

  • Association of Insurance Underwriters  [AIU]
  • Association of Insurance Claims Management  [AiCM]
  • International Committee for Insurance Medicine, India [ICLAM Mumbai]

He has been a core contributor to the Industry in various risk management domains like

  • Creating a common Fraud Management Repository at industry level
  • Innovating the concept of and implementing a common industry level investigation platform, which can ensure better investigation and investigator management
  • Defining Industry level Underwriting Guidelines for Employer-Employee Insurance
  • Defining Industry level Claims Management Guidelines for Group Credit Term Business   

He was the guiding factor for few Claims MIS Reports at the regulatory level.

He was the brain behind “Claims Mitra” branding and performance for a Life Insurance Company

Designed some unique & exclusive Reinsurance arrangements for a Life Insurance Company.

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